1:18 2019 Ford Mustang in Orange Fury

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1:18 2019 Ford Mustang in Orange Fury

Product Code: GT205

Product Description: 1:18 2019 Ford Mustang in Orange Fury

Limited Edition Number: 999 Pieces worldwide

Product Specifications: Sealed body model.

About This Product: The sixth generation of the legendary “pony car” is finally within the reach of European drivers. This Mustang brings together all the DNA of the first Mustang while offering a modern vision of Muscle Cars. In this GT version, it is the V8 that officiates with a 5.0L engine. The 450 hp roar out of the exhaust pipes with an inimitable sound and are worthy of the legendary American automobile. The Mustang GT goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds and can reach a top speed of 249 km/h.

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